Which System Is Right For Me?

At Air Southwest we understand that purchasing an air conditioning system is one of the largest investments you will make. We take the time to get to know you so we can understand your lifestyle and help you choose the right system.

There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing an air conditioning system:-

  • size of your home
  • ambient climate
  • amount of light coming in
  • number of windows
  • direction windows face
  • thermal efficiency
  • number of people
  • your personal heating and cooling preferences
  • your budget

Air Southwest are your local air conditioning specialists and can provide you with expert advice and assistance to help you make the right choice.  We offer a full range of quality air conditioning systems including split, ducted and evaporative, each with their own unique benefits.

Please find below a brief summary of each type of air conditioning system outlining the major differences and advantages.  We invite you to contact us and let Air Southwest help you navigate the options available to ensure you buy the system that best suits you.

Ducted Refrigerated Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted refrigerated reverse cycle air conditioners give you the flexibility to heat or cool every room in your home. A ducted air conditioning system consists of an indoor unit located out of sight in your roof space, with a network of flexible ducting running through the roof space to deliver conditioned air to rooms via individual ceiling outlets.

An outdoor unit is discreetly located in a low traffic area outside the home. Systems are tailored to suit your lifestyle with zoning designed to reflect your living requirements. The MyAir Series 3 zone control system will allow you to adjust the air flow to each zone. The duct and other components we use are from Advantage Air, an Australian company with manufacturing headquarters in Perth, WA, who have been designing and manufacturing quality air-conditioning systems for over 20 years.

All Brands of ducted air conditioners we sell use Inverter Technology which makes them more energy efficient than conventional fixed speed air conditioners. Inverter systems work by increasing or decreasing the power of the compressor located in the outdoor unit to maintain your optimum temperature without fluctuations, providing consistent temperature and saving you on running costs.

Wall Mounted Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Ideal for heating or cooling an individual room, these air conditioners range in size starting from a 2.5kW system suitable for a bedroom with an area up to 20m2, through to a 9.5kW system suitable for an open plan living area up to 80m2 in size.

Wall mounted split systems consist of an indoor wall mounted unit and an outdoor unit. In a standard back to back installation the outdoor unit is located outside, immediately behind the indoor unit. The location of the outdoor unit can be varied to suit your requirements and it can also be placed on wall brackets if you require it to be located up off the ground.

All Brands we sell use energy saving Inverter Technology. Daikin are the only split system air conditioners authorised by the National Asthma Council Australia to display the sensitive Choice butterfly symbol.

Ceiling Cassette Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioner could be the solution for you if you wish to cool or heat an individual room or area, but do not have the wall space for a wall mounted split system air conditioner. They work in the same way as the wall mounted split systems, but the indoor unit is installed into your ceiling rather than on the wall. We sell Daikin and Panasonic Inverter Ceiling Cassettes which are lightweight and compact, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with the ceiling.

Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning is a natural, healthy way to cool your home. Air is drawn from outside the home and passes through moistened filter pads located in an Evaporative Unit that is installed on top of your roof. This process is also great for allergy sufferers as it flushes all airborne material such as dust, pollen and pollutants from the air.

Cooled filtered air then flows through flexible duct located in your roof space and into each room of your home through ceiling outlets. Separate zones are not required because the system works by cooling every room in the home simultaneously. Stale air is continually expelled from the home through open doors and windows, therefore air is never re-circulated.

Evaporative air conditioning is also environmentally friendly as it uses no CFC’s and very little power. We sell Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioners, manufactured by a company that is 100% West Australian owned and operated

Contact Air Southwest today and let us design an air conditioning system to provide year round comfort for your home or business.