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The Panasonic name is synonymous with excellence in electrical product manufacturing and this is certainly the case for their air-conditioning product range. They offer a comprehensive range of reverse cycle air-conditioners from wall mounted split systems to floor standing console units to ceiling cassettes all the way to large single or three phase fully ducted systems.

Panasonic continue to offer the highest quality with the lowest-possible environmental impact.  All Panasonic air-conditioners are MEPS (minimum energy performance standards) compliant which means they’ve passed Australia’s rigorous energy efficiency testing and assures the end user is getting a first class quality product.

With 5 years full parts and labour warranty, you can count on a Panasonic Air Conditioning system to ensure years of reliable comfort and added value to your home.

The Panasonic Inverter Range

A Panasonic Inverter air conditioner provides optimum power control and an impressive 50% reduction in electricity consumption by regulating the compressor speed to deliver just the right amount of power resulting in comfortable, economical air conditioning.

Precise temperature control with a wide power output range enables an inverter air conditioner to meet different room occupancy levels – thus ensuring constant comfort.

With the ability to operate with higher power during the start up period, a Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioner can cool the room 1.5 times faster and heater the room 4 times faster than Non-Inverter models.

Panasonic Inverted Ducted Air Conditioning

Panasonic offer a range of ducted air conditioning solutions for homes and medium-sized buildings such as offices and restaurants. Designed for the Australian Environment, Panasonic Ducted Systems boast an outstanding operating temperature range from a scorching 46°C  to a freezing -15°C outside making them perfect for Australia’s hot summer days and ideal for use in even the coldest parts.

Panasonic ducted systems are discreet and flexible, which makes them ideal when designing a system for your home and makes installation much easier. They are amongst the quietest systems in the world so you can enjoy them day and night,  providing years of comfort for you and your family.

With easy to use controls, temperature adjustment, operation mode and fan speed adjustment are all at your fingertips and can be easily zoned to allow complete flexibility.

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Panasonic Inverter Split System Air Conditioning

Panasonic Reverse-cycle Inverter Air-Conditioning delivers the ultimate in energy saving technology to optimise heating and cooling operations from room to room.

Promoting energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort and convenience, Panasonic Split Systems combine inverter technology with air purification to save you money whilst ensuring the air that you breathe is free of allergens and bacteria.

From a cooling-only inverter to the top of the range Econavi reverse-cycle inverter, you will find a Panasonic split system air conditioner to suit your budget.

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Panasonic Inverter 4 Way Cassette Air Conditioning

Where it’s not possible to install a wall mounted unit, Inverter Ceiling Cassettes are ideal for false ceilings such as those often found in shops, small offices and apartment buildings.  The low-profile  fascia panel is all that is visible once installed, allowing the panel to integrate seamlsessly with the ceiling making them the perfect choice when design matters.

The 4 Way wide-angle discharge outlets feature a shape selected to ensure expelled air travels farther and spreads out to reach all corners of the room.

Ceiling cassette systems are lightweight and slim making them simple to set up and with flaps that can be easily removed for cleaning, are very easy to maintain.

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