Cool Breeze

Naturally Better

Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioning is the natural, healthy way to cool your home.  Evaporative air conditioning creates a continuous flow of air into your home. Fresh and cool, this airflow continually forces out stale air, which is never re-circulated.

Efficient Design

Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioners are world class products, with exceptionally high reliability, low maintenance and high performance. Their efficient design means minimum energy loss and maximum air output per kilowatt of energy consumed.

Their effectiveness has been proven over 15 years in extreme conditions, including high-temperatures, sub-tropical and coastal environments.  They have a fully automated, self regulated cleaning and water management systems, so they are low maintenance and highly reliable.

Breathe Fresh

Using industry leading innovation in design, Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioners are ideal for allergy sufferers, filtering the air entering your home through wet filter pads which flush all airborne material from the air.

Environment Friendly

Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioning is environmentally friendly as it uses no CFC’s and very little power.  It is very easy to operate with a touch pad controller and like all modern appliances, utilises the latest in electronic control systems to provide years of trouble free service.

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